Separate Shores

Remember the night we drowned?
It was the intensity that drew us in.
We kept swimming deeper and deeper,
until the lights faded.
All I could see was your face,
and your fingers in front of mine;
floating, open, waiting to intertwine.
We were one.
Two souls fused, sinking deeper and deeper.
I suppose we thought, at the bottom,
perhaps there was a membrane;
something we could pass through.
A portal to somewhere new.
You know as well as I do;
no such luck.
Just a gentle slope leading deeper still.
Darker still.
But, we landed softly,
and I touched your nose to mine.
Close enough
to look into your eyes.
It was so dark.

But, in those glistening globes,
I saw my answer:
“No, I can go no further.”
Nor could I.
So, we sat and watched the horizon
marching forever away,
and died that night,
as the lake froze over.
The currents swept us away
to one day wash up
on separate shores.

I left my soul down there,
and I know you did too,
for I saw them;
orbiting each other,
like children playing,
as our fingers slipped apart
and our souls were lost
in the dark;
in the depths.

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