Message In A Bottle On The 37th Floor

To those who find this,
Take comfort, for I have found it.
The edge we seek, the limits of humanity.
I took a peek.
I peered over, cautiously.
My knees felt weak.
Vertigo, you should know,
Was the least of my fears.
Falling, a fate met only by tears,
Not me.
I made the leap.
You see, we seem to be surrounded by darkness;
A bold, black outline of time,
Marking the distance we crawl,
Before the cliff fall.
I stood.
I stepped through the shadows
And fell through infinity.
I soared through halls of Aztec gold.
Flew through the lost, sunken city.
Crashed through the gates of heaven,
And left not a trace.
Made not a peep.
None but a slap, and a crimson stain
On the concrete.

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