The Liar’s Moon

Bring me the light of the liar’s moon. 
I urge to bask in its dreary gloom.
These fetid shores will be my tomb.
Beneath sinister tides, I shall be consumed. 

The only sin I ever bore,
Was the love I felt, nothing more.
The treacherous spore born from the love she swore, 
Has infected my mind and left me shattered on this shore. 

The spirits I’ve consumed have passed the day, 
But they’ve made their way, and I struggle to stay awake.
All I taste now is salt, all I smell is decay. 
There is no reason left to pray. 

Frigid waters pierce my clothes, 
Shallowly waking me from my woeful doze. 
All I can feel are my deathly throes. 
My eyes meet the moon and, for the last time, begin to close. 

Suddenly I awaken. 
I am weightless, 
My breath in stasis, 
My heart painless. 

The sand around me glimmers as the light of the moon bends and dims. I stand in a desert with no sky, just the ocean’s waves above. My legs are marching me towards an infinite, swirling darkness. This vortex does not pull me, it simply beckons. I obey. In the edges of my vision, I see a thousand lost souls, all marching towards the same goal. My neck, my fingers, my shoulders, all twitch sharply and shiver, but my legs are steady. As I near the black horizon, my body is shaken by a deep powerful hum. A calm hatred within me begins to drum. If I make it through this, I swear, my dear love, for you I shall come. 

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