Beside The Water

May we patiently speak,
To the invisible diamonds,
Hiding under your eyes, in silence.
The sharp, crystal shapes
That excite the sunrays,
Who bloom and shimmer on your face.
May we spend our days,
Listening to the lines you play,
On your lyre, lute, french horn or flute.
Aside this silent fjord,
Speak, to me, your memories,
Convey your misty, distant melodies.
Until the sun hides behind,
The slender fingers of the earth,
And draws amber lines along the horizon.
Yet, this business comes first.
This venture into the distance,
By her mention, designs and intentions,
Until we find the harmony,
With the setting of the sun,
Until we fall, silently, into the field,
And whisper our stories,
Blown away by the breeze,
Twirling like leaves, falling into the sea.
How many lovers have strayed,
To wander these lonely days,
Beyond these shores and beneath these waves.
How many feet have traced,
The curves of this beach, in paces,
To long for the portrait of their beloved’s face.
Where are the ghosts?
Where are the wanderers?
Gone, but for hollow footprints, beside the water.

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