Lonely River

The little games our eyes play when they’re closed,
The blooming colors to wonders imposed,
Behind resting lids we retreat from those,
Sirens, the violent vibrance of our woes.
Should the light crawl through our skin and bleed bright,
Should our pulses fall dead in the cold night,
My solace is you, sleeping next to me,
While my eyes are closed and I hear you breathe,
What more must I see, other than this dream?
Just these silent rising and falling tides,
Of the breath in your chest, my lullaby.
My beautiful lie, my fading sunrise,
What wispy clouds sought to steal you away?
As Persephone was thrown to the grave.
Let my eyes cry, until they bleed me dry.
Let my heart pound into and through my spine.
Rend me to ribbons and send me to Hades,
Never forgiven, this fading vision.

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