The Sun would struggle with
Gasping chokes against thee,
Flowering plumes who squeeze
The breath of light, in spring.

Let your fury, in vein,
Clutch its petty vengeance.
Let the laughter you face
Breaks your sorrow’s promise.

Be silent, woeful lament.
Be still, shifting pilgrim.
Yet, the light will prevail.
Yet, my eyes will be filled.

Our skin to soon rejoice.
Our friends will soon convene.
Beneath tender kisses.
Laying, softly serene

Horizons Won

Here, one of each, and each of one;
Strings of crystals and water drops.
The space between the sky and stars;
A sinking Moon and swimming Sun.
To build without the touch of hand,
To see without vision’s burden,
Not to direct, but to create,
Not to construct, but yet to paint.
Every color in, every line gone.
Every sense blind, every sight true.
To leave body behind in faith,
To melt into ether and grace.
Here, one of each, and each of one;
Strands of timeless, silent thoughts.
To see how near we stand,
Violent shifting sands,
Illusions gone.
Visions drawn.
We are


Not all light shines the same,
Some lay soft, warm suggestions,
And some cast cold, hard judgments.
But they all purge the darkness.
And what do we find there?
Save the invasion of perception.

Saving our deepest dreams,
And most ruthless nightmares,
For the blackest of nights;
It justifies the intrusion.
But what do we miss?
All those things, scattered.
Scattered by our gaze,
Forced into small pools
Of a once infinite ocean
Of shadows.

And what right have we?
We the diurnal tribe, the conquerors,
Who disturb this elegant peace,
And tear at the clothing of the night
To reveal its naked, white truth.
We have no right, none at all.
Nor do we find
What we’re looking for.
For to discern what treasure
That darkness holds,
Darkness one must become.

A Whisper

Do you believe,
that gods can bleed?
Have you seen enough,
to conceive of,
divine mortality?
What would it mean for us?
We who must develop love
Of vulnerability,
Of blood,
Of death.
All so we may draw
our final breath in peace,
with our minds,
and our dreams,
in the cosmic seas
of infinite night,
and lovely,
lonely starlight.