Dream Lessons

When the sky is silver and grey,
And lead lined clouds strangle the day,
We find them creeping closer still,
These frightening feelings and their thrills,
So far behind as they trace us,
Through our lagging scents, they taste us,
Those dreams where we are trapped inside,
Those nightmares where we’re free to die.
With ancient whales swimming above,
Towards the sun, escaping us,
And elephants climbing the trees,
Just to find how far they may see,
With little lizards flying planes,
And chasing flies in sordid ways,
Cats reading in the library,
Flipping through obituaries,
Some yahoos eating the tree bark,
Wondering if that’s who we are.
Wake me from wherever I roam,
Take me to my prisoner’s home,
For I fail to love my freedom,
And I hate the man I’ve become,
Now my fantasies are often,
From the inside of a coffin,
True it is, how spoiled I’ve been,
To take life and wish for an end.


With opening my eyes, the world of dreams roles off my face, like drops of water.
Into the sunlight, breaking through the surface, I feel the warmth.
Yet, I feel the pull.

Still soaked with fantasies and terrors, I am suspended, dripping.
To stretch and to walk, to dry my skin;
To clothe myself in lucid fabric, this is the way.

Still, my heart begs the ocean to form and meet it.
I pull the underworld from its eternal basin,
And flood the sun with crested waves of confused desires.

Until, at once, I am rejected, and sent back to the depths.
This day is not what was expected.
I’ve become consumed.

Beneath the surface, I wonder what I may have missed.
So infinite are the tides of this body, so finite its time.
The world of dreams soon drowns in the hope of basking in the sun.