Shots of Sunshine

Cheers, to the nightmares we were,
And survived once more.
Drink in the heaven’s sojourn,
and open our doors.
Taste the sunshine’s warm kiss,
And drink in this life.
Try and forget all this,
To enjoy the night.
But, when it’s all over,
Don’t close your eyes yet.
So soon we’ll be sober,
As never we met.
Don’t let your light grow dim,
When darkness creeps in.
Remember where you’ve been,
As spring melts ice thin.
Rise and become anew,
Fulfill your duty,
Rise and take in this view,
Of our father’s beauty.

Beside The Water

May we patiently speak,
To the invisible diamonds,
Hiding under your eyes, in silence.
The sharp, crystal shapes
That excite the sunrays,
Who bloom and shimmer on your face.
May we spend our days,
Listening to the lines you play,
On your lyre, lute, french horn or flute.
Aside this silent fjord,
Speak, to me, your memories,
Convey your misty, distant melodies.
Until the sun hides behind,
The slender fingers of the earth,
And draws amber lines along the horizon.
Yet, this business comes first.
This venture into the distance,
By her mention, designs and intentions,
Until we find the harmony,
With the setting of the sun,
Until we fall, silently, into the field,
And whisper our stories,
Blown away by the breeze,
Twirling like leaves, falling into the sea.
How many lovers have strayed,
To wander these lonely days,
Beyond these shores and beneath these waves.
How many feet have traced,
The curves of this beach, in paces,
To long for the portrait of their beloved’s face.
Where are the ghosts?
Where are the wanderers?
Gone, but for hollow footprints, beside the water.

In Here

How the lands in here do trap me,
With the hills that role like thunder,
The soft clouds, like kittens napping,
And the talons of mountains that tear them asunder.
Where every trail in the shady forest leads,
To a babbling brook, and small Elven sprites,
With a gentle, cool waterfall hidden in the trees,
And a secret garden, sleeping in the sunlight.
Where the singing shores of the mountain lakes,
All have soft sands and scenic views.
Where every fish you catch brings a grin to your face,
And the sky is our church, park benches our pews.
Where we all live in cottages, with fields of wildflowers,
And our neighbors stop by, time to time for a chat.
Where deeply in love is how we spend passing hours,
And every goodbye implies “I’ll be right back.”
Where the sun always shines when we’re happy,
And the clouds softly cry when we’re alone.
Where the wind gently blows when we’re napping,
And the air lies still as we roam.
Where the cricket’s choir always sounds as a symphony,
And the moonlight still tastes sweet on our tongues.
Where it’s hard to recall a single memory of misery,
And nobody knows what it’s like to no longer be young.
Where the owl sings us lovely lullabies at midnight,
And the rooster sings us bright, bold ballads in the morning.
Where every lonely soul in her bower finds a knight,
And all those who wander are not lost, but exploring.
Where the seasons always match our souls,
And the weather always follows our hearts,
Where we finally find the comfort to let go of control,
And see that all that light touches is a divine work of art.

Titan’s Shadow

Your lofty shadow, looming over the silent screams of night.
The evergreen titan, reduced to a bold black outline against the sky,
What whispers in me do you seek?
I have none, I think.
I may soon be empty, but for the mindful tending of your form.
Just as the threats of winter fall softly at your feet,
So are the promises we never meet, leaping from tree to tree,
Singing in the breeze, Circling our souls as falling leaves,
And yet, you’re free.
Free from harm, and thoughts, and dreams,
Dripping in the misty weaves of shadowed melodies,
My midnight evergreen.


To stretch without tearing,
The subtle fibers of life,
An endeavor worth daring,
To end taunting glares of strife.

Shudder off the decay of spring,
Dance and sweat out the fear,
When the sun rays begin to sing
Sing along, my dear, sing along.

Break free from nagging thoughts
To feel the quiet warmth around
Swirling to unwind the knots,
Of a tired heart, with faith abound.

Woolen Sieves

Good morning, silent, grey skies.
I sense your longing to leave us behind.
When you stay, we don’t ask why,
But tell me, please, why is it you cry?
I know you hear our patient sighing.
But never mind it, ignore the silence.
Fear not the futile thoughts of violence,
Your lofty height prevents defiance.
So we spin in circles, far below.
We look to you, and pray to know,
When warmth and sunlight plans to show.
Where is it that you go?
When we’re jaded in the fading sunrise,
And wish for calmer, softer skies.