Kill Me Twice

Oh, God, how it aches to rise and awaken,
Cracking each sallow limb, filling each lung,
Pumping the heart not meant to be taken;
Feeling the sting of pins inside my tongue.
I beg, stop your lovely singing outside.
I was content, for now, to sleep forever.
Now, tantalizing justice begs me find,
The source of sultry songs in foul weather.
Is it poison or nectar that glistens
Upon your lips, shining in your dark eyes.
I want your bite, your kiss, your intention.
I want to hear your gasps and steaming sighs;
To ignore the venom numbing my tongue,
To heave and gag, grinning, choking on blood.

What Seeker,

I’m curious, why are you here?
Step forward now, no need for fear.
Yes, in the light, stand tall and hear
My questions for your aimless tears.

But first, my thanks, for letting go.
And next my praise, for knowing how.
Still yet I give, a fair warning;
This wisdom won’t ease your mourning.

Let’s begin, prepare, float down your dreams.
I’m sure we’ll see some helpful things.
Ah, yes! Look there! A bitter fire,
Fueled by angry, selfish desire.

So please, explain, oh maestro lord,
Which notes were wrong in heaven’s chord.
Please, teach to us, your harmony,
So all the world can get in key.

Now think, perhaps, it’s not the rest,
But you who fails to pass the test.
“A world, so cruel, how could it be?”
“How could this all happen to me?”

You fool, wake up, it’s not to you,
It simply is, and that’s the truth.
Your bondage is, your selfish heart,
Not grief, not pain, nor sorrow’s art.

Man should not be a hopeless slave,
Nor take or seek the master’s oath,
So why do you choose to behave,
As if you were both?