I fell asleep under a cloud of ash today,
With little black flakes falling like rain.
I felt the heat on my skin,
And became convinced,
This life is simply futile pain;
A way to disengage from mortality.
The fine, tight-rope line we step upon
Though, not for long,
For reality begins and ends with us.
Just one step and you’re there:
Start to finish,
Spring to winter,
Star to nova,
You blink and it’s over.
The light at the end of the tunnel recedes infinitely,
Leaving only the cold, dark feelings,
Of Regret, guilt, and anger.
While the unfouled anchor of the soul ascends
And leaves behind this shell;
The ocean floor of the mind.
The swirling waves of sand,
Mocking the passage of time.
Content to exist in their lifeless, timeless grave.
Sinking forever, wishing to become rain.