Horizons Won

Here, one of each, and each of one;
Strings of crystals and water drops.
The space between the sky and stars;
A sinking Moon and swimming Sun.
To build without the touch of hand,
To see without vision’s burden,
Not to direct, but to create,
Not to construct, but yet to paint.
Every color in, every line gone.
Every sense blind, every sight true.
To leave body behind in faith,
To melt into ether and grace.
Here, one of each, and each of one;
Strands of timeless, silent thoughts.
To see how near we stand,
Violent shifting sands,
Illusions gone.
Visions drawn.
We are

A Sharp Truth

So she is gone,
And what are you left with?
Of floating silence,
Mocking the stillness of the room.
A heart beat,
Insects under your skin,
And a prodding imagination
Of what hands might touch
Where you have been.
The smoking, steaming screams
Of regret.
Another piece,
A chunk falls to the floor.
Writhing and begging for mercy,
With none to be had.
Just a moment trapped in time,
And a slight, insincere consideration
Of suicide.